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Here’s to Us

Our lives are a jumble

Of puzzle pieces that complete us

Overlapping, shaping, fitting

Binding us together.

Stargazing late as night

Scaring ourselves silly

Endless movies, games, adventures

And books especially, that we invested in.

Way too many meals we’ve shared

Laughing at our misfortune

And my preferences

And always hungry again. 

Sitting in classes like we used to

Making faces 

Not paying attention

And we called it ‘furthering our education’.

Now it’s all technology

Skype, text, email, message

But I could never forget the sound of your voice

Even now, it makes me laugh. 

We’ve so many memories

Of things we did together

As stupid kids, childish adults, mature twenty-somethings

It makes no difference our age, we’re young at heart. 

Young, dumb, lovely, and loving

But no matter the hardships-

Of which we have had many-

There’s always a smile, a laugh, to be found in you. 

So here’s to us, darling, 

To the years past and the years ahead

To tears and hugs and shared grins

And all the other things we cannot even fathom. 

Lauren, dedicated to my beautiful starfish—khaleesi <3


Time is a fickle temptress

Always eluding, deluding

Then slinking away agin

Vanishing behind a mirror

A place you cannot follow

Tricking you into place

Draining, disdaining

Slipping away

Through a crack, through a hole

A place you cannot follow

A door slammed in your face

Leaving you breathless again

And wondering where she’s fled

This time. 


What If

What if

A powerful statement

A dangerous question.

What if

He loved me back

And we were happy?

What if

I had a million dollars

And I never had to worry again?

What if

We weren’t broken

Tossed aside like battered dolls?

What if

Will never have an answer

Only hope and fractured expectations. 


In the End

In the end

I wonder what will happen

In the end

There are so many different theories

In the end

Everything will be okay

Or maybe,

In the end,

Everything will fall apart-



The world


In the end

I do not know what will happen

But all I know

Is that,

In the end, 

For better or for worse

I want to be with you-

In the end. 



I don’t know what’s going through your mind

When we’re together

But I wish I did.

I wish I knew what you were looking for

So I could tailor myself

To be it. 

I was 50 first dates with you

Or a million

Candlelit, laughing, learning everything about you.

Some like it hot

But I’m in no rush

I’ll wait for you as long as I can.

I want the american dream

The family man, the soccer mom

The fence, the fresh mowed lawn.

Don’t let pride and prejudice get in our way

Whatever between us

We can solve it, if we invest. 

We can transform each other like beauty and the beast

Broken, tangled puppets

With each other no more. 

I need you to stay,

I need us to work

I need you to say yes. 


Inspired by Breaths


Day 22: Wind Poem 

If only it were so simple 

to find what we desire 

without any mistake or rimple 

and so full of passionate fire 

In and out we breathe

If only love were like this 

instead it is sheathed 

hidden away from all bliss 

With every inhale, I am inspired 

Words of a broken heart form 

With every exhale, I scribe 

With vengeance of a storm 

Livie Docter

Lonely Love

A Drop in the Ocean, a change in the weather

I’ll give you All of Me, even If I Lose Myself

Even if it’s Just a Dream, let me be your Almost Lover

I’ll Cover You with a thousand sweet kisses 

Through Seasons of Love, we’ll be Chasing Cars 

Never question How Long will I love You 

For it will only be the Fault in our Stars 

Only can you pull me from The Wrong Direction 

Don’t Say Something, just Kiss Me 

Let me be Your Song and follow To Where You Are 

I Only Know How to Love, so Let it Go 

When all is said and done, Please Remember Me 

Livie Docter 

*Please forgive me for my tardiness in participation of these poem prompts. I shall try to catch up ASAP* 


I’ve always wondered

Who she writes those poems about

Who she sings those love songs about

Who she thinks about when she sighs

I’ve always wondered

But never asked

So I never knew

That it was me. 



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